Ecologically Balanced Specially Handcrafted For You Charitable Legacy Made in Africa


  • Handcrafted is our vibe
  • A lighter ecological footprint is what we root for
  • A positive impact on the communities is what we believe in
  • Embracing the motherland legacy is what makes us bold


We want to make our mission to reduce our ecological footprint while sustaining the earth’s natural resources.

Our commitment

Our commitment to you shines in our artisanal products, featuring designers who operate their businesses with respect for the people and the planet.

Each of our products is an invitation to discover awe-inspiring craftsmanship, lifestyle pieces that are timeless and made to last.



We aspire to establish a working relationship based on trust and honesty with our creatives and customers.

Our partnerships are built on a shared belief that we can make amazing products while respecting nature and being aware that its resources are finite



Our commitment to you is to provide a personalized genuine Experience. Being of service comes naturally to us and this commitment will always run deep, no matter what the task. 

Do you notice something is missing? We’re a work in progress, and we want to hear, so, please reach out to us.



There are things we wish we knew since day one, and sustainable packaging is one of them.

Our bags are 100% recycle, but we are also working to bring renewable plant-based materials and innovative recycled papers that integrate post-consumer pulp with non-traditional additives such as seeds, hemp, coffee chaff, denim, junk mail, and garlic skins as part of our packaging. That will include boxes, tissue paper, stickers, mailers, tape, and our beloved postal card.

This stuff is 100% compostable and they actually breakdown themselves in a natural setting (or in an industrial facility) to create something useful right away.

A side note: You can do your own home compost, which is a great way to turn items made of natural materials back into nutrient-rich soil to grow more resources.



We are 100% pro gender equality, but we are proud to work and collaborate with amazing women, artisans, designers, artists, and mamas out there, who are fostering the changes needed to create empowered communities and, consequently, a more sustainable and peaceful future for all.


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