Ecologically Balanced Specially Handcrafted For You Charitable Legacy Made in Africa

Our story


From the People to the People

muntu emerged from the opulence and magnificence of the mother of mankind – Africa.
 Born and raised in Cabinda, Angola, I started having a grasp of the culture and the art scene at a very early age.
My papa used to be the head of one of the most influential museums of Angolan history and culture, putting us in permanent contact with rare artifacts, exquisite art pieces, and extraordinary crafts.
Through our experiences, we became aware of the beauty of the vrai craftmashing, the splendor of sustainable artwork and the uniqueness of a statement piece.


We work daily with local artisans and designers, some of them from remote locations. We are in constant search of little treasures and amazing gems to bring to you.

Each of our products strives for authenticity, tells a story, breath our roots, and celebrates our cultural diversity.

Made with passion, meant to be shared, we invite you to explore and experience our legacy. 

Within African communities,  everything has a deeper value, with each product representing symbolism and spiritual dimensions alongside with decorative and aesthetic qualities.

Our approach to creating beautiful objects is always the one that supports the use of natural elements, available raw materials, old-fashioned techniques, traditional skills and respect for the planet.