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​The Advantages Of Using Eco-friendly Bags

Jan 18th 2022

Why do we use plastic bags? Ponder on this question for a minute or two - and perhaps you will come to realize that we use plastic bags because they appear to be practical. But a plastic bag's work-life lasts only about 15 minutes before being thrown away into an abyss of plastic that takes over 1,000 years to break down into small pieces - but never ever decompose!

Practical equals a material that degrades within a few years after use. It is a product that serves multiple purposes and works in coherence with nature, not against it. And thankfully, eco-friendly bags do meet these standards.

Now, let's dive into some of their advantages:

1) Convenient

Not only are eco-friendly bags affordable, but they are long-lasting and convenient in our everyday lives. Whether you are going to the beach, a camping trip, moving homes, going to a party, it is inevitable to benefit from eco-friendly bags. They come in different sizes, are strong, comfortable, and washable!

2) Health

You may not have come to think of plastic ever affecting your health from the inside out - but in truth, whenever you purchase fruit or food wrapped in plastic or whenever you consume meat (animal who ate plastic), you are downright ingesting this into your system.

Also, consider that when plastic gets burnt in order to get rid of it - it does not just disappear into thin air - it remains and becomes the air we breathe!

Eco-friendly bags are made up of numerous biodegradable materials, some more environmentally friendly than others. Some bags are made of hemp, classic cotton, canvas, old newspapers, or non-woven polypropylene.

3) Space

While storing plastic bags to reuse (if they don't break within a day's use) is somewhat effective, they end up cluttering your space. Whereas, with eco-friendly bags, you only need one or two, depending on your necessities and family size.

4) Minimize trash

Think about it: why do we buy plastic-wrapped-up fruits and vegetables? Why do we buy products that are boxed-up? We do so because, at that moment, it is easy to carry the items home. But the wrapping materials end up in the trash bin and then the landfill.

Using eco-friendly bags prevents us from accumulating and building up trash by buying whole foods and products.

The advantages of using eco-friendly bags are endless. It makes one much more aware and practical about one's choices that will contribute to the future!