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Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

Jan 18th 2022

We are almost halfway through the first month of the year, and we bet you have already thought about or even made new resolutions for this year. There is nothing wrong with setting up new year's resolutions; we believe it is crucial, but before this, it's always essential to retrospect and introspect how the past year went. And that is precisely where the problem lies, the lack of realistic goals.

And guess what? We can help! We will be sharing three reasons why a new year does not mean new life and why we forget our resolutions.

1. You overthink but don't do enough

Even a vocational coach won't help you make more proactive decisions if you don't take action.

You can seek help and be motivated enough to be better, do better, but it's important to be realistic so that they are applicable. For example, reading five pages of a book a day sounds good, right? If you can put into practice just one thing you learn on each page, you will be on the fast track to success.

In reality, action is an essential part of any quest. Without it, we're left marinating in our mental juices, thinking we've gotten somewhere when we haven't.

2. You don't enjoy the process

One of the most overused resolutions is how we want to live a much healthier life. It's any wonder that people who struggle with weight are the ones who look at exercise as something terrible? Start with something light; the goal is not to add stress to your life but to eliminate it.

3. Breaking and forming habits is not a one-day mission, just as a new year does not mean new life

t doesn't mean a new life, if? Right, if we continue with the same steps as last year. Many people fail to realize that it is necessary to take light steps, so the new habit lasts forever.

Whether we are talking about quitting smoking, exercising daily, or controlling our weight - none of these are tasks that can be accomplished in a single day. Consistency is needed if these goals are to be achievable! Something that we can't define with a date.

Most New Year's resolutions witness failure.

Why is it that most of us make plans with such great commitment and determination but fail to carry them through? Is it because we lack confidence or purpose? Or is it because of low willpower?

Whatever the reason, it certainly makes us check whether the new year's resolution is a bad idea in its entirety.

If there is a goal you really want to achieve, don't wait for the new year. Just ask yourself why you are doing it and start making plans for it.

And if we haven't already wished it to you, have a happy new year!