Ecologically Balanced Specially Handcrafted For You Charitable Legacy Made in Africa


Meet Claudine, the person behind our groovy bags!

Claudine is a fifty-one-year-old mother of three kids, an author, a great cook, and a woman of integrity.

One of the fascinating things about Claudine is her multifaceted role as a mother, teacher, author, artisan, and advocate in her community. 

She learned weaving skills while living with her mother in Rwanda.

For Claudine, working with her hands was a blessing. Her willingness to provide work for women in her community, her desire to reduce the human impact and resource consumption, and social cohesion are the reason why she started making these bags.

In one of our conversations, she explained how her passion for the underprivileged transformed her into the person she is today.

Her recommendation to us? To use the bags to express our fashion sense while contributing to sustainability as individuals.



 Romeli Bag