Ecologically Balanced Specially Handcrafted For You Charitable Legacy Made in Africa

Raihana & Josi

It's all about sustainability!

These two amazing women have a few words for you.

We invite you to read their message below:

To follow a green path is a way of life and fulfills your social responsibility as a human being.

Sustainability is key to reducing or preventing the effect of environmental issues. We want to create awareness around it to become conscious consumers.

We aim to clean the environment by manufacturing bags from up-cycled materials collected from landfills. Our second aim is to create skills and employment so that people may have the opportunity to become self-sustainable and dignified.

We work with refugees and underprivileged women in the township.

Josi is an ex-factory worker who started a cottage industry business from her home in the Delft township. She employs women in her area to assist her in the business, teaching them the necessary skills to make the bags while giving them employment.

When you're buying our bags, you're having a positive rippled effect on all individuals involved in making the bag.



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