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Magpie Teacup Frenzy Chandelier

Please allow 3-4 Months for delivery. Contact us before placing order.

Magpie Chandeliers have been featured in the Obama family's private quarters in the White House, and we can see why.
Their bespoke creation is out of the ordinary. The innovative work of these artists is so fascinating that it has caught the interest of collectors and designers worldwide.
The Magpie Frenzy Chandeliers incorporates reclaimed teacups set into a subtle and alluring silhouette, making it a stand-out piece.

These masterpieces are individually made by hand and cannot be replicated. Each piece is one of a kind.

  • Glass beads and shards
  • Gold leaf
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic beads and parts
  • Found objects
  • Made in South Africa


Dimensions and Care

Magpie uses broken glass, ceramics and sharp tin in their pieces. Please take care to not cut or injure yourself.

Height: 39"

Width: 31"

Arms: 6

Lamp holders: 6

Magpie chandeliers are very fragile and likely to bend out of shape if handled roughly.

Professional installation recommended.