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Africa's must-see Coastline - A Paradisal destination for the 2023 summer

Africa's must-see Coastline - A Paradisal destination for the 2023 summer

Mar 31st 2023

The African continent has more than 30,000 kilometers of coastline. For beach lovers, this means one thing: options!

Grab your map and come with us to explore the African coastline and discover the best of the continent's sandy fringe.


This Cape Verdean island has become synonymous with paradise for many - with long sandy beaches where the blue of the sky is diluted in the cyan of the sea, where warm is not only the music but also the water! Among the beaches, Santa Maria is the crown jewel, but if you're looking for peace and tranquility (or ideal conditions for windsurfing), don't miss Ponta Preta.


Staying in a riad, getting lost in the medina, accepting a mint tea, taking a tour through the desert, photographing the palm grove, visiting a Hamman, visiting the blue city, breathing the breeze from the Atlantic coast... The list of things to do and see in Morocco is endless and irresistible. This page on TikTok has gorgeous accommodations in the desert and beyond, which left us amazed.

Morocco is indeed a fascinating and must-see place to visit, you just need to keep these tips in mind.


Namibia may be a slightly lesser-known destination to the general public, but you can never rule out the beauties of this small country when you are thinking about Africa's dramatic shores.

Filled with stunning and picturesque scenery, Namibia is one of the only places in the world where the desert comes right to the ocean's edge. A must-see!

From the surrounding dunes right into the sea in Swakopmund to shipwrecks on the skeleton coast to the nutrient-rich Walvis bay, Nambia hands over spectacular seaside experiences.


Seychelles is a country so small that it barely appears on the maps. It is composed of 115 islands, with magnificent Jurassic beaches and dreamy landscapes are one of the world’s greatest treasures.

Seychelles is a place like no other. It is a wonderland claimed to be the Garden of Eden, it's where the jungle meets the beach, a place where, a few million years ago, dinosaurs drank at the edges of its dark marshes. Seychelles is a voyage on its own, and words are not enough to describe it.

If you want to see for your eyes, check this out Seychelles Passport Visa-free Travel


If we talk about beach destinations in Tanzania, you will probably immediately think of the Zanzibar archipelago, one of the most famous on the African continent!

The island of Zanzibar is one of the most valuable destinations in the region. It is full of visitors in search of its paradisiacal beaches to enjoy a swim or go snorkeling. It is also a popular destination for kite surfers because the wind is strong there, especially in the summer.

Check here if you are eligible to visit this summer and if not, what’s the process to do so.


We would say lazy days call for perfect sandy beaches, turquoise waters, good music, and a glass of mocktail. Mauritius is a spectacular destination offering myriad experiences, from water sports, mountain trekking, hunting, and bird watching to horseracing.   

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